A Declarative Approach to Information Extraction using Web Service API

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 14:00-17:30, Room 355

The number of diverse web services that we use regularly is significantly increasing. Most of these services are managed by autonomous service providers. It has become very difficult to get a unified view of this widespread data, which in all likelihood is substantially important to enterprises. A classical approach followed by the enterprises is to write applications using imperative languages making use of the web service API. Such an approach is not scalable and is difficult to maintain considering the ever-evolving web services landscape. This tutorial explores a declarative approach to information extraction from the web services using basic web and database technologies. It is targeted to audience from both industry as well as academia and requires a basic understanding of database principles and web technologies.

John Samuel is a Post-doctoral researcher in LIRIS, Université de Lyon, France. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Université Blaise Pascal, France in 2014. Prior to that he worked as software engineer in Yahoo!, Bangalore. His research interests include data integration, analysis and visualization, web services, knowledge representation and geographical information systems.
Homepage: https://liris.cnrs.fr/john.samuel/

Christophe Rey obtained his PhD in Computer Sciences in 2004, at Blaise Pascal University, France. Since 2005, he is associate professor in the same university. His main research topics are relational databases and knowledge representation and reasoning (using description logic), applied to data integration, and especially the mediation approach with LAV mappings.
Homepage: http://fc.isima.fr/~crey/