Accepted Short Papers

Antti Peuhkurinen, Andrey Fedorov and Kari Systä. Operating System Compositor and Hardware Usage to Enhance Graphical Performance in Web Runtimes
Cristian Lai and Antonio Pintus. Middleware Mediated Semantic Sensor Networks
Massimiliano Battan and Marco Ronchetti. QwwwQ: Querying Wikipedia without writing queries
Ivan Srba and Maria Bielikova. Design of CQA Systems for Flexible and Scalable Deployment and Evaluation
Adriatik Nikaj and Mathias Weske. Formal Specification of RESTful Choreography Properties
Michael Hahn, Dimka Karastoyanova and Frank Leymann. Data-Aware Service Choreographies through Transparent Data Exchange
Jasper Oosterman and Geert-Jan Houben. On the Invitation of Expert Contributors from Online Communities for Knowledge Crowdsourcing Tasks
Cinzia Cappiello, Tommaso Di Noia and Maristella Matera. A Quality Model for Linked Data Exploration
Teresa Costa and José Paulo Leal. Semantic measures: How similar? How related?
Irene Celino, Andrea Fiano and Riccardo Fino. Analysis of a Cultural Heritage Game with a Purpose with an Educational Incentive
Vittoria Cozza, Marinella Petrocchi and Angelo Spognardi. A matter of words: NLP for quality evaluation of Wikipedia medical articles
Marc Hüffmeyer and Ulf Schreier. Evaluation of an Access Control Language for RESTful Services
Oluwaseyi Feyisetan and Elena Simperl. Please Stay vs Let's Play: Social Pressure Incentives in Paid Collaborative Crowdsourcing