• Best Paper Award

    Linda Di Geronimo, Maria Husmann, Abhimanyu Patel, Can Tuerk and Moira C. Norrie
    CTAT: Tilt-and-Tap Across Devices

  • Best Student Paper Award

    Andrea Stocco, Maurizio Leotta, Filippo Ricca and Paolo Tonella
    Clustering-Aided Page Object Generation for Web Testing

  • Distinguished Paper Award

    Rowan Hoogervorst, Erik Essink, Wouter Jansen, Max van den Helder, Kim Schouten, Flavius Frasincar and Maite Taboada
    Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis on the Web using Rhetorical Structure Theory

  • Best Poster Award

    Olivier Liechti, Jacques Pasquier, Laurent Prévost and Pascal Gremaud
    The WoT as an Awareness Booster in Agile Development Workspaces

  • Best Demo Award

    Andrea Gallidabino
    Migrating and Pairing Recursive Stateful Components between Multiple Devices with Liquid.js for Polymer

  • Best Demo Award

    Andreas Thalhammer
    TagTeam: Combining Semantic Annotation and Entity Summarization

  • Best Vision Paper Award

    István Koren and Ralf Klamma
    The DireWolf Inside You: End User Development for Heterogeneous Web of Things Appliances